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Kegan is your one stop photographer, videographer, designer, developer, traveler, skier, musician, camper, hiker, mountain biker, mountain-lovin’ guy. He's a one-of-a-kind team player who works hard to make visions come to life. Kegan is fun to work with and great at adapting to any situation.

This limited edition comes with time management skills, along with a passion for creating and meeting new people. With a love for traveling, adventuring, & the outdoors, Kegan aspires to connect people with stories and brands through engaging visuals.



Kuju Coffee
Ad Campaign Video

SADCars Iceland
Social Media Video

Photography Deck
Portfolio & Media kit

Houston, we need a creative

Working as a multimedia assistant, Kegan knows how to operate professional video and lighting equipment. He sets up shoots and interviews and assists in capturing b-roll for videos. In the office he edits videos to completion working with Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer.

As a freelance photographer, Kegan understands the principles of photography and how to capture a scene. He produces and shoots photos for several different brands. He uses Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop to edit the final photos

Kegan studies interactive design & development, making him knowledgable in design concepts and principles. Comfortable in Adobe XD, Illustrator, Sketch, & Figma, Kegan can bring design visions to life for both web and print.


Barry Strauber Verified Professor

Professor, Advertising, RIT
"Nothing short of astounding"

From my experience with Kegan I know his work and it is simply outstanding. He truly believes he can make a difference with every project he tackles. His focused passion is on maximizing the value of the creative projects he works on. His mission is to break through the clutter & reveal the promise of the client/the brand he is working on - to create something memorable and on target. I am also extremely fortunate that he shares a lot of his projects with me. His work is ALWAYS insightful & impactful. He has a strong/mature(beyond his years) ideation process & excellent brainstorming skills. & Kegan has a future that promises to be nothing short of astounding.

Jacob Kaucher Verified Employer

Multimedia Producer, RIT Marketing and Communications
Above and Beyond

Kegan has been a model employee who has contributed significantly to every part of the video production process from gathering ideas for stories to tell to videography, graphic design and post production. Kegan impresses with his desire to go above and beyond what is expected, including seeking out ways to expand his creative and leadership skills by spearheading student-produced video projects.

AJ Pow Verified Employer

Videographer/Editor, RIT Production Services
Jack of All Trades

Kegan has efficiently handled every aspect of video production that has been presented to him. He's a strong editor, creative shooter, and helpful production assistant. He's able and willing to try new roles and adapt to new technology and techniques. Highly recommended!

Melissa Warp Verified Professor

Lecturer, New Media Design, RIT
Passionate and Dedicated

Kegan not only has skill with photo and video, but he also has a great sense of design– his interactive work in particular is creative, well-planned, and professionally crafted. I appreciate that Kegan finds ways to combine creative production with his love of adventure and the outdoors, which ultimately helps him tell the stories of brands so effectively. I have so enjoyed working with such a genuine student who is driven to produce great work.

Joe Bellavia Verified Employer

Assistant Director, RIT Production Services
Great eye and hard worker

Great eye and a hard worker, Kegan is talented in many aspects of digital media and is motivated to do a great job on anything he takes on.